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Some of the pictures look like CGI renderings, but most often the High Dynamic Range pictures look really jaw-droppingly good. They are so detailed that they are bordering on “ultrarealism”. Landscape photos make you feel like you are really there.

I am a bit amazed that the ages-old 2D photo technologies are still improving and having this kind of breakthroughs.

Take a look at these examples:  HDR pictures from Flickr  Examples from Photomatix

Microsoft’s Live Labs have presented Photosynth, an innovative software for browsing photos. It’s an user interface to vast photo collections, leveraging the power of the millions of digital image producers of the web.

The technologies do have something in common; both the Photosynth and HDR work better on static scenery. Moving people, flickering lights and rain break them.

[originally posted 09.08.2006]


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