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Monthly Archives: November 2006

CNW Marketing has published a two-year study of cars’ total environmental impact. They take into account fuel consumption, factory manufacturing costs, R&D costs, recycling, etc. The entire life of a car is factored in, from dust to dust. According to the study, hybrids are not the most eco-friendly because of their extensive R&D, complicated engine and other issues. Range Sport is greener than a Prius, it says. 

Quite surprising. It seems that it really is possible to make a comprehensive study supporting any view or opinion imaginable.

I’m not saying that the study has errors in it – how would I know. If you take millions of details and add them up, end result can be chaotic and unexpected.   


It is interesting to see for how long North Korea is able to hold its current political system. I’ll bet that in ten years time, its borders will open. And Kim Jong-il will have a blog of his own.

The photo below is from Korean Friendship Association’s website. It was taken in Kaesong, in 2004.

The little girls in the photo look uncannily similar. I think there’s some kind of a selection process for them along the lines of: “See this picture here. Now look at your child. As you can see they look the same. Be very happy. With her beautiful smile, she will become a worthy representative of this great country.”

Heck, I do not know really. I’m just speculating. Maybe they look like that in reality. It is in the water or something. Anybody visited North Korea lately? Please correct me on this one… 😉

[17.11.2006] What’s your opinion: do they look uncannily similar or should I clean my laptop screen?

Korean Friendship Association, Children in Kaesong

[Image copyrighted (c) by the Korean Friendship Association]

Alfa 8C Competizione 

4.7 litre V8. Limited production run. Expensive. Maneater. More pics here and here

Cars, PCs, the radiator in your house – they all generate heat. We turn electricity, oil, natural gas, coal and other forms of energy into heat – on purpose or as a byproduct.

That heat goes up to the atmosphere causing the temperature on our beloved planet to increase. 

Is this model too simple for explaining the global warming phenomena? What am I missing here?