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Monthly Archives: February 2007

Remember the mystery and hype around Transmeta during their “This web page is not yet here.” phase, circa 1998? Linus was working there, they were designing or doing some mysterious hardware or software or something. Because of their uncompromising secrecy, nobody knew what the product will be. Finally, they presented their morphing microprocessor technology to the eager public – someone was playing Quake III on it in the event.

With Thingamy, it is totally the opposite. Sigurd Rinde and co. are sharing every detail and design decision of their forthcoming software on their website. It is important to notice that the product is on development phase. How many companies would share this information before version 1.0 is out? In other words, who would show their cards at this early stage of development?

Perhaps, one cause for this behaviour is that Thingamy will break the rule books in so many ways and in so many areas, that they must carefully prepare their market for it. The potential customers need to be educated beforehand.

I highly respect Sigurd Rinde’s attitude and views on software. I’m eager to see that they succeed. As I daily see the mess that badly-designed or -implemented systems cause on businesses, it naturally makes me think that there must be a better way. No question about it.   

“No need for other enterprise software nor middleware.”

I’m dumbfounded by that bold claim. Hopefully, someone won’t be playing Quake III on it… 😉