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Monthly Archives: March 2007

Here’s a tip: as the global warming studies forecast sea level to rise, it’s time to take advice from the old man Noah and invest in shipbuilding. So, do yourself and your descendants a favour and grab a stake at this company

They also have vessels which handle the extreme conditions of the incoming ice age. 😉 


I’m browsing December 1996 issue of Wired Magazine. Paper version, that is, you remember what paper is, don’t you? And I’m browsing it with my hands, not with a browser. 😉

It’s got 312 pages.

February 2007 issue has 160 pages. Where are the rest? 

I can not remember who said that “design is about transferring energy”. Anyway, take a look at the lines of the new Maserati GranTurismo. I feel energized just by looking at it.

Here are some Geneva pictures of that beautiful car styled by Pininfarina.

Have you ever stopped to wonder the uniqueness of a moment? This instant here, now is unique – the world has never been in this situation before and it never will be again. There will never be again the current set of people living, building and communicating.

Keep this in mind when predicting and forecasting things. You can not think that “this has not happened before, so it can not happen now”. Or, “the economic slump has happened roughly every seven years, so it will happen in two years’ time.”

You can not think that “she can not start that career, because she does not have proper education and right diplomas for it.” Did Madonna go through a superstardom university before becoming Madonna?

Like they say in the financial brochures:

“Past performance is not an indication of future results”

So, be prepared to be surprised.