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Monthly Archives: August 2007

Around one year ago I wasn’t too impressed with Photosynth, Microsoft’s UI prototype for browsing photo collections. But today I decided to give it another go on our new Vista laptop. And yep, while I zoomed on to the details of Gyeongbokgung (nice word, that one), I was amazed. The amount of detail was extremely high, the experience was seamless and had a nice flow to it. 

Check the pic (click to expand):


You can get it here:


You know the thing with home audio and video electronics these days: too many boxes, too many cables, hard to keep clean and in order. They are messy looking, you can not put those in to a modern living room.

We couldn’t find a solution in the market for our needs, so I (with my wife) designed a TV stand that solves our storage issues. I gave it a name Deomo.

Deomo, TV stand, HIFI unit, tv-taso

Magic is in the mirror – you really have to see it to believe it. More pictures in – currently in Finnish only.

If you are interested in manufacturing/distributing/marketing it, drop me an email (

[Update 10.9.2007] An additional pic added of Deomo TV stand:

Deomo, TV stand, HIFI unit, tv-taso