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Monthly Archives: December 2007

Just came back from watching “I Am Legend” movie with my wife. If you liked Spielberg’s “War of The Worlds”, you’ll probably like this movie also. They both decipit a ruthless, dismal and dark world with people turned to violent animals.

Will Smith does a marvellous job in portraying a man in the brink of insanity.

My wife’s reaction? Well, she almost puked. Too much exploding low frequencies and too little steadicam. Don’t go to this movie with your girlfriend. It takes all the fun out of your evening.

Product placement thanks go to Apple and Ford.


…is something that wasn’t taught on my physics lessons. It’s one of the most interesting and mysterious phenomena, and as yet unexplained by scientists.

Put simply, the experiment goes like this: shoot photons through a plate which has two slits on it, to a photographic film. An interference pattern appears on the film – even if you shoot the photons one by one, during a period of time.

Double-slit experiment

Here’s a movie of the experiment.

The question is: from where the interference pattern emerges, how do the photons know where to land on the film to create this pattern? There’s only one photon “on the air” at a time so with what it is having an interaction?

More info on Wikipedia.