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Jaguar Cars provides a breathtaking and informative set of presentations covering the design decisions behind the C-XF Concept and future Jaguar models.

“Jaguar Design Briefings are a compilation of online videos, photography and words that capture various themes of the future design direction for Jaguar.”

If you are interested in design, cars, or … then take a look.   


I can not remember who said that “design is about transferring energy”. Anyway, take a look at the lines of the new Maserati GranTurismo. I feel energized just by looking at it.

Here are some Geneva pictures of that beautiful car styled by Pininfarina.

I’m just glad that the old white beard brought Pixar‘s Cars movie to my kids. It has actually become a Christmas tradition in our family to watch the latest Pixar film after all the gifts have been unwrapped.

Pixar films have always been technically at the forefront. Still, it was a surprise to see Cars’ attention to detail and how far rendering has been developed. I dare to say that photorealism has been reached. My eyes do not distinguish a rendered image from a photo anymore. Be amazed as the cars run across a forest, splashing water around. To complement the rendering engine, physics have been modeled with detail, naturally.

In Cars, Pixar does not save on anything; the work they put into one minute amounts to a half an hour of a Shrek production. IMO. They love what they do and it shows.

It is interesting to see where the intricately detailed 3D models will end up now that Pixar is covered with Disney dust – will there be a TV series?

One theme that Pixar has largely skipped in my opinion is: space. Apart from Buzz Lightyear,  there are no signs of space in Pixar movies. No intergalactic battles, no funny aliens, no massive spaceships, no planets with weird plants. 

Well, maybe they want to keep their movies warm and down-to-earth.

CNW Marketing has published a two-year study of cars’ total environmental impact. They take into account fuel consumption, factory manufacturing costs, R&D costs, recycling, etc. The entire life of a car is factored in, from dust to dust. According to the study, hybrids are not the most eco-friendly because of their extensive R&D, complicated engine and other issues. Range Sport is greener than a Prius, it says. 

Quite surprising. It seems that it really is possible to make a comprehensive study supporting any view or opinion imaginable.

I’m not saying that the study has errors in it – how would I know. If you take millions of details and add them up, end result can be chaotic and unexpected.   

Alfa 8C Competizione 

4.7 litre V8. Limited production run. Expensive. Maneater. More pics here and here

I had an Alfa Romeo 156, the Walter de Silva masterpiece, for three years. Its cam belt broke – the first cost estimates for fixing the damaged engine were between 3500 and 6000 euros. Ouch. Luckily, I got it fixed for 1300 euros.

In addition, several worn-out parts were also changed during the normal maintenance checks. They were expensive. Some irritatingly loud noises occasionally came from the brakes behind. The doors froze in winter time.

And still there are no lessons learned; I still admire Alfa Romeos. Like there were some links missing between important portions of my brain.

So, here’s the new Alfa Brera: 

Alfa Romeo Brera

Alfa Romeo Brera

Alfa Romeo Brera

Alfa Romeo Brera

Alfa Romeo Brera

It’s slightly diluted from the original concept, but still a breathtaker.

No, I do not own it. I just took it with my father Asko and wife Nina for a rainy day test drive from a local Alfa dealer.