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Funny thing happened. My 11-year-old daughter just came to me and said: “I want the new Banjo game for Christmas. I want all the games made by Rare, because they make Viva Piñata and it’s so good.”

The funny part is this: when I was a young boy in the mid-eighties and playing with my friend’s Sinclair Spectrum, all the Ultimate games were must-haves. Ultimate was a company created by Stamper brothers – later they started Rare.


2007, Holidaying in Heinola 

Live in a cottage by a lake… Swim in a water of 17 Celsius degrees, dig worms and go fishing, row a boat, have a sauna, play card games and Mölkky, drink some beer, burn some wood to cook some food, run around with the dog, gather romantic time in a forest with your wife/girlfriend and a bottle of sparkling strawberry wine as the night is light and mosquitos are for an unknown reason hiding somewhere.    

We all had fun.

Minttu chihuahua

And one of the funniest was Minttu the chihuahua – picture links to an AVI. Watch her play with a hay…