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Category Archives: InnerSpace applet

Toying with InnerSpace applet – this image caught my eye:

 InnerSpace applet

It does not represent beauty in my mind, but it contains a large amount of different elemental shapes: a rich set of basic visual elements. Circles, squares, pentagons, flowery thingies in warped dimensions.

I’m still curious about where the images generated by the applet come from. A rounding-error perhaps.

Hmm, the applet could parse parameters out of an HTTP request. Let’s add that feature to an to-do list.


Some interesting (ahem) pics generated by the applet:

Flock, Fried Egg, Knot and Ninja Star.

InnerSpace applet, FlockInnerSpace applet, Fried EggInnerSpace applet, KnotInnerSpace applet, Ninja Star

JARS is a Java review site. In Internet years, the site has existed for an eternity. They awarded a Top 5% accolade for InnerSpace applet – thank you very much!

[originally posted 29.03.2006]