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Just came back from watching “I Am Legend” movie with my wife. If you liked Spielberg’s “War of The Worlds”, you’ll probably like this movie also. They both decipit a ruthless, dismal and dark world with people turned to violent animals.

Will Smith does a marvellous job in portraying a man in the brink of insanity.

My wife’s reaction? Well, she almost puked. Too much exploding low frequencies and too little steadicam. Don’t go to this movie with your girlfriend. It takes all the fun out of your evening.

Product placement thanks go to Apple and Ford.


After renting and watching scary Ils (Them) and uneasy Blood Diamond I decided to choose something more relaxing and better suited for my wife’s taste. So, Ridley Scott’s film A Good Year was perfect for getting into that sunny summer mood. (Raining outside, again). It was also interesting to see how versatile Ridley Scott is; light romantic comedy is a long step from Blade Runner and Alien. Of course, there are over 25 years between those sci-fi films and A Good Year.

In the film, the old snippet of wisdom was mentioned a couple of times. It roughly goes like this:

“What’s the most important thing in comedy?”



“What’s the most important thing in buying and selling stocks?”


Let’s expand that further. With perfect timing, can one achieve everything – be a master in all tasks? Do these work:

“What’s the most important thing in ice hockey?”


“What’s the most important thing in dancing?”


“What’s the most important thing in playing a piano?”


“What’s the most important thing in playing poker?”


“What’s the most important thing in writing code?”


“What’s the most important thing in marketing?”


“What’s the most important thing in scientific research?”


And finally the grand question: 

“What’s the most important thing in making love?”


Et cetera. Some of the above do sound reasonable.

I’m just glad that the old white beard brought Pixar‘s Cars movie to my kids. It has actually become a Christmas tradition in our family to watch the latest Pixar film after all the gifts have been unwrapped.

Pixar films have always been technically at the forefront. Still, it was a surprise to see Cars’ attention to detail and how far rendering has been developed. I dare to say that photorealism has been reached. My eyes do not distinguish a rendered image from a photo anymore. Be amazed as the cars run across a forest, splashing water around. To complement the rendering engine, physics have been modeled with detail, naturally.

In Cars, Pixar does not save on anything; the work they put into one minute amounts to a half an hour of a Shrek production. IMO. They love what they do and it shows.

It is interesting to see where the intricately detailed 3D models will end up now that Pixar is covered with Disney dust – will there be a TV series?

One theme that Pixar has largely skipped in my opinion is: space. Apart from Buzz Lightyear,  there are no signs of space in Pixar movies. No intergalactic battles, no funny aliens, no massive spaceships, no planets with weird plants. 

Well, maybe they want to keep their movies warm and down-to-earth.

Yes, my reviews tend to be months behind the movie premieres because I wait for the DVD to come out.

Michael Mann’s Collateral was an excellent movie. Disappointingly, Miami Vice feels like an updated version of the TV series, nothing more. The plot is the usual, locations are the same, Ferrari is Ferrari, bad guys trying to look stiff, good guys trying to look cool.

The only thing that surprised me was the blood stains on camera during a pointless and could-not-care-less-who-dies shooting scene. Nice detail, albeit a bit video gamish, don’t you think?   

Jade Warrior is a wuxia movie shot in Finland, China and Estonia. In China, it will be shown in 80 cities.

What strikes me as odd are the estimates for box office sales in China. According to Helsingin Sanomat, the movie will probably get around 1 million euros in the box office. In my opinion, 1 million is an unbelievably small number considering that it is a country with a population of 1,315,844,000 we are talking about. It is the country where each event or happening or accident, no matter how small, has always an effect on millions of people, at least. 😉

Yesterday, I watched the Mission Impossible III on DVD. Tom Cruise does an excellent job as a vulnerable agent – the plot is good. Me and Nina liked it. There are some echoes of the Fight Club’s beginning scene.

The prequels were not that good. Everything I remember from those is the Limp Bizkit version of the theme with the reverb guitar sound. 

IMO, the overall style is influenced by the Matrix trilogy which brought fresh ideas to the action genre. Except that on this movie, there is not that much whispering. 😉

I also like the fact that the physics are getting a more visible role in the movies as the hero is tossed around by an impact wave of an explosion. And he does not use a stunt in that scene.