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By touching a motion trigger and turning the Kara controller, sound gradually changes between flute and clarinet, between quiet and loud.




Now, I can finally present You something I’ve worked on for the past four years: Kara MIDI controller/musical instrument! 🙂

…it’s worth doing.

So, here You are – Tea Bag Tango!

To gain insight into the development of musical instruments, I’ve been studying their history. The image below is based on a passage by the ancient Greek poet Hermesianax (active ca. 330 BC).


On the island of Lesbos (Mytilene), in the late 7th century BC, Sappho and her companions listen rapturously as the poet Alcaeus plays a “kithara”.

A painting (1881) by the Dutch-born, Belgian-trained artist Alma-Tadema.

I recorded this during a massive change period in my life. Funnily, I can’t recall the feeling anymore – so much water has flown under the bridge.

Inspiring guitar effects by Native Instruments.

This is something from my archives. Heck, it sounds so terribly sombre.