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This week, Google introduced OpenSocial API. It is a set of common interfaces for building social applications. Scobleizer’s blog post led me to more information about the OpenSocial API, here:

I watched the Campfire One video – almost from beginning to end – and browsed through some Developer’s Guide docs. I appreciate Google’s simple and straightforward, hands-on approach. They have not created a “Meta-Reference Application Framework for Interfaces of Social Network Applications” and dozens of new acronyms. Instead, they show working code and the classic “Hello World!”, written with a vanilla text editor.

Why are Google and other companies allocating resources to social media? The way I see it, that is because their main revenue streams come from advertisers. Social applications are filled with data of people’s activities, interests, daily patterns, schedules, locations, networks etc. This data provides juice for building highly targeted marketing systems, which in turn generate happy advertisers.

The more data people put into the system, the better the system will serve the people. It’s a win-win for us all, don’t you think?


Here’s a tip: as the global warming studies forecast sea level to rise, it’s time to take advice from the old man Noah and invest in shipbuilding. So, do yourself and your descendants a favour and grab a stake at this company

They also have vessels which handle the extreme conditions of the incoming ice age. 😉 

As an experiment I decided to open a dedicated blog for gathering feedback and comments for “On How The Brain Functions” article. So, take a deep breath and jump to here.

I wish You a Marvellous New Year 2007!

It is interesting to see for how long North Korea is able to hold its current political system. I’ll bet that in ten years time, its borders will open. And Kim Jong-il will have a blog of his own.

The photo below is from Korean Friendship Association’s website. It was taken in Kaesong, in 2004.

The little girls in the photo look uncannily similar. I think there’s some kind of a selection process for them along the lines of: “See this picture here. Now look at your child. As you can see they look the same. Be very happy. With her beautiful smile, she will become a worthy representative of this great country.”

Heck, I do not know really. I’m just speculating. Maybe they look like that in reality. It is in the water or something. Anybody visited North Korea lately? Please correct me on this one… 😉

[17.11.2006] What’s your opinion: do they look uncannily similar or should I clean my laptop screen?

Korean Friendship Association, Children in Kaesong

[Image copyrighted (c) by the Korean Friendship Association]