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When we consider the world around us, with all its images, sounds and concepts, traditional programming languages seem terribly limited. Look around you, and see how far from reality manipulating information like this is:

a = a + 1;

if (a > 23) then a = 0;

Of course, the programming languages reflect the architecture of the machine they are executed on.

What I’m looking is for a way of programming which enables systems have characteristics like these:

– Creativity. Show the system a chair and a human being sitting on it. The system generates and presents thousands of alternative versions of a chair. All in 3D, of course. Real world is 3D so no reason to aim any lower than that.

– Curiosity. The system wants to learn more.

– Photographic memory. WYSIWYP, what you see is what you process. Visual information provided to the system stays in its memory and it can manipulate it at will.

– Shades of gray. Things are not only black or white, true or false, 1 or 0, they can be something in between.

Actually, this seems not to be so about programming languages. This is about artificial intelligence.

[ to be continued & revised ]







These started as an innocent simple pop song. Then Taleb’s Black Swan theory started to sneak in. To be continued.

anything can happen
anything will
see the earth below you
swoop for the kill

odds against you
are meaningless
anything can happen

tomorrow is not
what it used to be

model is broken
prediction fails
it's a different game
taxi drivers win
losing experts

one that is clear
is everything is unclear

swan turns out to be black
no turning back

his story
repeats itself
what about yours
what about yours

control your path
live in the outlier

control your path
before those others do

anything can happen
anything will

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After I decided to start publishing my music, I thought about how would I tie all the pieces of music together visually. Would I use the same set of fonts all the time, one specific color, would I create a Raindropper logo and plaster it on all the record covers?

Those all seemed too constraining, thus I opted for a more subtle idea: angle. So, let’s sneak one specific angle in all the images from now on.

The angle ended up being 53 degrees. To my eye, it just seemed the most pleasing one. The bonding angle of hydrogen atoms on a water molecule is roughly twice that (circa 104,45) so my eye missed the target with a degree or so.

Oops, here’s Void Saturday with a slightly skewed angle…

A Black Swan is a seemingly random event having a huge impact. It’s nearly impossible to predict one coming.

We did not foresee the success of Harry Potter, the tragic of 9/11 or what happened in Norway last weekend.

After a Black Swan, we start analyzing and searching for reasons which led to the event.

Yes, I’ve been reading the book by Nassim Nicholas Taleb. Check it out if that’s your sort of thing!

Those who follow have noticed daily changes on The Book of W. I took the final step and overhauled the navigation on that tumblr based site.

The site is now a good mixture of a blog and a book. The starting page displays recent updates like in a blog, and navigation at the top opens pages like in a book.

Main thing was to add page tags to each post. Now I can control which blog post belongs to which book page. In a way, this is a misuse of tags but…

With tags, users can link and refer to a certain page easily and intuitively, like in a book. As you probably know, blog pages are something one can not link to because they change dynamically.

I removed timestamp of the posts: books don’t have dates under their chapter titles. I like to think the contents are not glued to a certain time period, they are valid also in years to come.

Some things to prepare for are:

  • Sooner or later, as the page count increases, I will notice that the page numbering at the top will need some changes.
  • The cover page contains a water related photo from Flickr;  for some reason it doesn’t load 100% of the time and displays only some white space. Then it doesn’t look that good. Anyway, it’s great to have a dynamic cover page. Although, sometimes, the photo is not that close to the subject matter.
  • One of the worries is that users find themselves lost caused by the duplicate page concept: there are book page numbers and blog page numbers. This is something that needs to be addressed.

I’m pretty satisfied with the end result. Next task is to fill the blog book with top content.

Funny thing happened. My 11-year-old daughter just came to me and said: “I want the new Banjo game for Christmas. I want all the games made by Rare, because they make Viva Piñata and it’s so good.”

The funny part is this: when I was a young boy in the mid-eighties and playing with my friend’s Sinclair Spectrum, all the Ultimate games were must-haves. Ultimate was a company created by Stamper brothers – later they started Rare.

Have you heard about the guy working at the top of the tallest building?

On his office wall, he has a map of the world. There’s a knob on top of each country. On the spur of the moment, he turns knobs left and right. Rain pushes into the windows. Lights of the city low around him flicker as he slowly moves his gaze to another knob.

His telephone doesn’t ring.

As he turns the knobs, commands are sent down to the stories below for an army of his minions to execute. This country goes in the red, this into black. Rates of the currencies change. He releases a knob, goes to sit on his chair. Looks outside.

His companies have many names, his products are made from iron and binary digits. You wouldn’t recognize him on the street. An inverse Domino effect gathering all the money from the world, from your pockets, ends to where he stands.

He doesn’t play golf, he plays the world. After the deeds of the day are done, he enters the elevator, goes down, crosses the street, grabs the evening paper and silently goes into a taxi. Arrives to his home where his two kids and wife are already sleeping deep. In the night, his dreams are like the dreams of any other person.