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When we consider the world around us, with all its images, sounds and concepts, traditional programming languages seem terribly limited. Look around you, and see how far from reality manipulating information like this is:

a = a + 1;

if (a > 23) then a = 0;

Of course, the programming languages reflect the architecture of the machine they are executed on.

What I’m looking is for a way of programming which enables systems have characteristics like these:

– Creativity. Show the system a chair and a human being sitting on it. The system generates and presents thousands of alternative versions of a chair. All in 3D, of course. Real world is 3D so no reason to aim any lower than that.

– Curiosity. The system wants to learn more.

– Photographic memory. WYSIWYP, what you see is what you process. Visual information provided to the system stays in its memory and it can manipulate it at will.

– Shades of gray. Things are not only black or white, true or false, 1 or 0, they can be something in between.

Actually, this seems not to be so about programming languages. This is about artificial intelligence.

[ to be continued & revised ]








there are lies in you
there are lies in me
there are lies in everything we do

it’s starting again it’s starting again
starting again

let it fall through you
let it fall to the ground

there is love in you
there is love in everything we do

it’s starting again starting again

let it grow let it grow let it grow let it grow let it grow
let it grow let it grow let it grow let it grow let it grow


Inspiration behind the new musical instrument.

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Rings of Time - New Clock 2
This wall clock is a simplifying exercise; take something familiar you see everyday and rethink its design.

The target was to minimize the amount of different shapes and colors. Hence, there are only circles, semi-circles, black and white.


Rings of Time - New Clock


Dummy's finally thinking outside the box

There are those who pronounce my name – Tomi – as Dummy.

They say things like: “How do you see this issue, Dummy?”

So, that’s the way a future Disney character was born, and began his adventures. 😉

Digital Ocean

Inspired by the name of the hosting company: Digital Ocean. One can create a droplet into their cloud.

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