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Funny thing happened. My 11-year-old daughter just came to me and said: “I want the new Banjo game for Christmas. I want all the games made by Rare, because they make Viva Piñata and it’s so good.”

The funny part is this: when I was a young boy in the mid-eighties and playing with my friend’s Sinclair Spectrum, all the Ultimate games were must-haves. Ultimate was a company created by Stamper brothers – later they started Rare.


If you’re interested in anything Web 2.0, you should check the videos of the recent Web 2.0 Summit held in California.

Excellent roster. Excellent discussions. Some of the questions just splat on the faces of the interviewees, politely and with a smile, of course. John Battelle’s way of carrying the conversation is particularly good.

[Update 1.11.2007] Excellent? Nah, not all. What’s the reason for not showing the screens of the presenters? It’s not stimulating to watch a talking guy looking down at his laptop, enthusiastically giving a pitch for something that one can not see even a glimpse of.

Here on GameSpot.

Snippet from the article:”We found that the Xbox 360 actually had better graphics in the majority of the games we compared.”

Massive amount of processing power – powerful hardware – does not necessarily lead to good games, good graphics, good anything. You need to have tools – software – to take advantage of it. And as we all know, it very hard to compete with Microsoft on software area.

But, given time, PS3 developers will learn to play their instrument. When the “only for PS3” titles appear, we’ll really see what the system is capable of.